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同盟制度|拔河 (WW1)






(a) 你認為該漫畫是出版於三國同盟還是三國協約的成員國?試參考資料A,解釋你的答案。


(b) 參考資料B,指出同盟制度的兩項特徵。


(c) 「同盟制度是導致第一次世界大戰爆發的主因。」試參考資料A及B,並就你所知,評論此說能否成立。




The following cartoon was published by a European country in 1914, titled ‘the Balance in Europe’.


The following is adapted from a scholar’s comments on the situation of Europe before the outbreak of World War I.

The condition in Europe was opposing and serious during the early 20th century. Both the Triple Alliance and Triple Entente were formed out of fear and suspicion. The terms stipulated mutual support for the extension of warfare in case of war, rather than cooperation to localize or eliminate it, and thus caused great damage. In particular, the trend of secret diplomacy was prevalent at that time. Not only did the whole populace know nothing about the diplomatic policies of their countries, but the cabinet members also had no idea about the secret agreements signed by their fellows with other countries. …… in addition, many conflicts in the second half of the 20th century ended with battles. The states thus emphasized force only. They stocked up loads of armaments and stated intensive arms race. Some of them even glorified wars through ‘worship of war’.

(a) Do you think the cartoon was published by the Triple Alliance or the Triple Entente? Explain your answer with reference to Source A.

(3 marks)

(b) Identify two characteristics of alliance system with reference to Source B.

(2+2 marks)

(c) ‘The alliance system was the main factor leading to the outbreak of World War I.’ Comment on the validity of the statement with reference to sources A and B and using your own knowledge.

(7 marks)

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